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Offering renewable energy solar panel installation for the benefit of North Carolinians and the planet. Once you go solar, you'll wonder why you waited so long to do so! Our team will help you discover everything good that solar power has to offer and how you can begin your off-grid journey.

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Solar Incentives
Going solar in NC is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Our company puts you on the fast track to solar solutions by taking the wheel and guiding you towards fossil fuel freedom through tax rebates and incentives.
Community Resources
Once you go solar in NC, a domino effect occurs, and soon your neighbors are on board the Sunny Express, too! We provide a plethora of community resources that work.
making solar solutions an affordable reality for our nc neighbors & local service area friends 

Go Solar Energy NC Connects You to Sustainable Sun Power

It's a truly sun-shiny day when another friend links arms with Go Solar Energy NC and decides to jump on the renewable energy path. Our goal is to teach everyone about the amazing benefits of solar power and how it benefits families, businesses, and, most of all, the earth. 

Did you know that solar energy is quickly sweeping the globe and becoming increasingly popular? At one time, families never thought they'd be able to swap out fossil fuel power for solar energy due to cost; but that's not the case anymore! Our NC solar team helps its customers attain rich, wonderful solar power every step of the way.

There are loads of financing options, tax rebates, and incentives at the state and federal levels to help families make their solar energy dreams come true. Can you imagine actually being paid to say goodbye to your electrical company and hello to solar? We can't wait to tell you more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does solar panel installation cost in NC?

According to Energy Sage, "As of February 2021, the average solar panel cost in North Carolina is $2.68/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in North Carolina ranges in cost from $11,390 to $15,410, with the average gross price for solar in North Carolina coming in at $13,400."

Does NC offer a solar tax credit?

According to Solarize-NC.org, "The amount of solar that will receive the rebate each year is limited to 20 megawatts (with certain set-asides for non-commercial customers). And the program runs for only 5 years, through 2022. As of 2021, there are two annual signup periods for rebates: one in January and one in July."

Can a house be run entirely by solar power?

Absolutely! Solar panels and solar batteries not only create enough energy to keep the juice flowing in your home, but it is also a much cheaper option than electricity from fossil fuels.

Monthly Savings with NC Solar

The savings with solar power are BIG! But, how can you know for sure? We have a calculation specialist on staff who will show you the savings.

You'll get an authentic look at what your monthly bills will be by comparison. Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor. The figures will be epic!
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NC Solar Panels Tailored to Your Needs

Go Solar Energy NC creates a package for each customer based on location, individual needs, and personal power goals. Meeting with one of our solar panel specialists is the first step to firing your current electric company and getting on the highway to beautiful, sustainable solar power. Are you ready to take the plunge into energy freedom?

Residential Solar

Getting an NC solar panel system for your home is an excellent idea! You may have noticed more and more North Carolinians telling their traditional energy companies to hit the bricks because residential solar power is where the benefits are at. Schedule a FREE consultation today!

Commercial Solar

NC solar options aren't just for residential customers. In fact, many of our loyal solar fans are business owners. Powering your commercial property via solar energy is becoming increasingly popular within the state and country. Will your business be next? Call us today to discuss your options.

No-Cost Solar Programs

Did you know that the local, state, and federal governments offer incentive programs for choosing solar? Some of these free solar programs are lucrative as they actually GIVE you money to have a solar system through tax rebate programs.
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IT's EASier than you think to go solar in nc.

Offering the Perfect Formula for NC Solar Panel Installation

Understandably, one might think switching to solar is an incredibly complicated scenario. However, with our team guiding the swap, the process is effortless for you, the consumer. Are you ready to get started? We'll walk you through our process for going solar NC.

Step 1

Find an Honest NC Solar Installer

Go Solar Energy North Carolina will put you in touch with an experienced, reputable local solar panel installer. We have access to hundreds of installers across the state. Once we have your location and some other details, we'll hook you up! We're the #1 reputable solar company in the area and can help you save money.
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Step 2

Superior NC Solar Panel Design

Designing solar panels is an art form, but designing unique solar panels to meet the needs of our customers requires genius qualities. Our team of highly-motivated, skilled, and trained solar installers will create solar panels that are specific to your residential and commercial properties.
Step 3

Progressive Solar Panel Installation in North Carolina

Your time is valuable, and we respect it! Once we have all appropriate permits and paperwork in place and your solar panels have been designed, our team will start on the solar panel installation. Don't worry; we work quickly and efficiently. You'll be enjoying the power of the sun in no time!
Step 4

Activating & Understanding Renewable Energy for Your New Solar System

We aren't the type of company to install a solar system and then hit the road without helping you understand how and why it works. You'll be given a complete tour of your new system and how to ensure it stays running at tip-top performance. We'll turn it on for you, too! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
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Go Solar Energy NC Keeps You in the Know

The world of solar energy is always adapting, changing, and improving. It's important that we keep our customers updated with the changing of these tides. To get these solar resources to you in a streamlined, easy-to-understand manner, we've created a solar blog. Make sure to check it out frequently as knowledge is (solar) power!

North Carolina Solar Incentives Created with YOU in Mind

One way that you can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that solar power energy is a great thing for the planet is the presence of incentives. The state and the federal government are practically paying people to go solar! There are numerous programs available for the taking, like lucrative tax rebates.

Did you know that if you meet certain qualifiers, your solar panel installation and materials could be completely FREE of charge?

Yes, FREE! Plus, you'll save boatloads of money on your utility bills. Our team will help you get all paperwork and documentation turned in so you can get the grants that are rightfully yours Don't wait too long, because solar incentives for 2022 are running out!

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NC solar jobs

Offering Solar Jobs, Training, & Certification - An Exciting & Rewarding Career!

Go Solar Energy NC loves helping motivated people improve themselves through hard work, exceptional training, and education. We currently have solar job positions available for sales reps, installers, electricians, project managers, field service techs, and more. Get in touch with our office to learn more about these incredible opportunities.

If you're already involved in the solar energy industry but are looking for training for your employees, we can help you with that. Our North Carolina company offers training packages that procure a state-recognized solar power certificate at the successful completion of our program. Enhance your credentials and enroll today!

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Get the Latest North Carolina Solar Companies News - Hot Off the Press

NC solar companies should keep their customers informed about the latest solar panel engineering practices, system maintenance, incentives, and more. The world of solar is always evolving, and it is important that you are in the know. We've created a blog and this website to help you stay informed on solar news.

At Go Solar Energy North Carolina, our top priority is to educate current and potential customers on solar power benefits, how it works, and what it can do for our collective community. We are always researching and staying updated on up-and-coming solar advancements. Check back often to stay in the loop for the 411 on the solar industry.

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How Exactly Does NC Solar Energy Work?

The simplified answer to how solar power energy works is through strategically place solar panels. These solar panels attract sunlight and absorb it throughout the day (even when it is cloudy). Solar power is then converted to energy and powers your household in the same way electricity from your local power plant does.

There's a bit more involved and if you'd like to get down to the nuts and bolts of solar power energy, please, feel free to visit our blog, where we dive deep into the science behind the power of the sun and using it to provide clean, sustainable energy to our homes and commercial buildings. We're the right solar company to learn more from!

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North Carolina Solar in Your Local Community Offers Clean Energy

Go solar Energy NC is happy to announce the expansion of our NC service locations. If you are in NC and want to switch from fossil fuel energy to a solar panel system, we're just the crew to get it done! Are you in our local network? If so, give us a call now to schedule your FREE consultation.

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Dealing with solar companies in North Carolina can feel like a hassle, especially if you're not sure if solar feels like the right fit for your home. Most often, homeowners are not as informed as they would like to be. This caused us to create a FREE solar e-book resource for local homeowners. Find the resources you need right here fro our solar provider!

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Don't Be Left in the Dark. Utilize Sun Power!

Go Solar Energy NC is here to help you live up to your fullest potential through clean, sustainable solar power energy. Get your FREE consultation today! Call us at (919) 897-7888
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