How Long Does It Take to Install a Solar Panel?

February 22, 2023

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Very often, property owners ask solar installers, how long does it take to install a solar panel? This is a fair question, especially for business owners! After all, you don’t want a solar installation to disrupt your daily schedule or routines.

The good news is that solar installation is typically faster and less disruptive than property owners realize. Additionally, solar panel benefits far outweigh any minor inconvenience you might experience during their installation! So that you better understand what that means, check out some added details about the solar installation process.


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How Long Does It Take to Install a Solar Panel? (The Solar Installation Process)

There is no “one size fits all” answer as to a solar panel installation timeframe. With that in mind, note how the process typically unfolds. You’ll then know what to expect for your solar installation!

Step 1: Consultation and panel selection

An in-person meeting with a solar installer is your first step in the process. They will usually review your installation budget and power needs. Also, they will inspect and measure your property’s roof, noting how many panels it can support. Your installer will usually finish this step within as hour, if not sooner!

Once you’re ready to move forward, your solar company will usually order your panels from the factory. Using newly manufactured panels ensures maximum effectiveness. Depending on the manufacturer, it might take several weeks for the panels to arrive.

During this time, your installer should pull any needed permits and consult with the local utility company as well. A building inspector might need to check the property before work can begin. Waiting for this inspection can take several weeks or up to a month in some cases!

Step 2: Solar Panel Installation

A solar installation typically takes no longer than one to three days at most. An installer starts by clearing debris from the roof. Next, they attach a solar racking system. This system consists of metal rails bolted to the roof.

Then, the installer attaches the solar panels to this racking system and connects them to an inverter. Lastly, they wire the solar panels and inverter through the property’s circuit box. Your contractor will then test the panels to ensure they’re operating properly.

Step 3: Inspections

In some cases, your city or county and local utility provider might require an inspection after solar installation. These inspections are typically very brief and ensure the panels work properly. However, they might take a few weeks to schedule their visit, depending on their availability! Overall, your entire installation process, from your first meeting to a final inspection, will take two to six months.


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Is it Easy to Install Solar Panels?

Attaching solar panels to a roof is not overly difficult. An experienced solar installation company often makes quick work of bolting the racking system to the roof decking. Also, wiring the panels to the property isn’t as complicated as rewiring an entire property!

However, this doesn’t mean that solar installation is a DIY job. For instance, a professional installer knows to angle panels in a certain direction or degree, for maximum sun exposure. In turn, panels work more effectively and produce more power overall.

Improper solar racking installation can mean roof damage and interior water leaks. Also, a professional technician can evaluate a roof for needed repairs before installation. They can also pull permits and check with local utility providers as needed.

Above all, most solar installation contractors guarantee their work for durability. This ensures that you’re not liable for repair costs in the rare event of roof damage. They might also guarantee solar panel operation for several years. Installing solar panels yourself can mean missing out on those guarantees!

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How Many Solar Panels Would It Take to Run a House?

Most residential homes require anywhere from 17 to over 20 solar panels to supply all their power needs. This number varies according to your power consumption and location! For instance, solar panels in areas with cloudy weather produce less solar power than those in sunny climates. Your solar panel installer can also inspect your property and advise on your solar panel needs.

Go Solar Energy NC is happy to help answer the question, how long does it take to install a solar panel? Hopefully, you’ve found this information from our solar company to be useful! To find out more, check out our other blog entries. Also, if you’re ready to investigate solar for your property, call our North Carolina solar panel installation contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and installation estimate. There has never been a better time to go solar, so why not give our technicians a call today?

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