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Nowadays, everyone is talking about solar energy and how great it is for the environment. So it's only natural that you'd want in on this sustainable form of power too! We're glad you've been searching for solar companies in Greensboro because it landed you directly on our page. Our company has been moving right along in the solar industry since 2020. However, we have much more experience than that.

You see, our team is made up of highly skilled and educated specialists who have been working in the solar panel and system design sector for decades. We specialize in solar units for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including those on and off-grid. Our team is standing by to help you kick your current electric company to the curb and hop on the solar train. All you have to do is call for solar in your area of North Carolina!

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See what our customers have to say:
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The financial freedom we gained after deciding to go solar in North Carolina at our home is unbelievable. The knowledgeable crew hooked us up with all kinds of incentives, rebates, and tax credits that saved us a tremendous amount of cash too. These guys know what's up in the solar industry!
- Gregg N.
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Finding a Solar Company That Works With You is Essential

When it comes to solar energy companies in Greensboro, North Carolina, you need one that is willing to work with you and understand your power needs. Not all properties and locations are the same, so it only makes sense that solar panel design should be tailored to individuals. For example, we offer special solar services for agricultural customers because their needs vary greatly from residential property owners.

We're a unique company because we provide everything our customers need to utilize solar energy successfully. Our team is dedicated to epic solar panel design and installation, system activation, maintenance, repairs when necessary, inverters, and solar batteries. You can count on us for it all.

Did you know that we have a dedicated department to help you find which solar programs you qualify for? Numerous state, federal, and local programs offer tax rebates and incentives. You may even qualify for your solar system to be designed and installed entirely FREE of charge! We'll tell you all of the details during your zero-cost consultation for solar in NC.


Superior Solar Services in Greensboro, NC

Residential Solar

Our solar company in Greensboro, NC, is dedicated to helping homeowners decrease their carbon footprints by ditching traditional electricity and opting for solar. We design the panels, install them, and ensure you're up and running.

Commercial Solar

Do you have a business property that is currently solely relying on the power grid? What if we could change that for you? Solar services are available for commercial customers in New Jersey, and they come with many benefits.

Agricultural Solar

Solar power companies in Greensboro look forward to helping farmers lower energy costs by unhooking them from the grid and setting them up with solar. Even by staying partially on the grid, your farm will run smoother with solar power.

Why Choose Go Solar Greensboro?

Experienced Staff

At Go Solar Greensboro, we have decades of experience in the solar realm. Although our company is still in its infancy, our solar contractors has many years of collective expertise. You can count on us to exceed your expectations 100% of the time.

Free Consultations

Did you know that you can schedule a no-cost consultation with our solar specialists right now? We'll answer your questions and go over every aspect of solar panel design, installation, and incentive programs.

We Care!

We didn't get into the solar industry simply for a paycheck. Our crew genuinely cares about the environment and preserving it for generations to come. Solar energy is 100% renewable and doesn't deplete the earth of resources.
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North Carolina Solar Energy Contractors Whose Job is To Save You Money!

When you're ready to go solar in NC be sure to reach out and ask questions about our solar installation services and solar programs.  Call us at (919) 897-7888
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