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Looking for Reliable Solar Companies in Raleigh, NC? You've Come to the Right Place!

Are you one of the thousands of people eager to start living a greener lifestyle? We can help! We're one of many incredible solar companies in Raleigh, NC. Our solar specialists are fully equipped to help you smoothly transition from fossil fuel or nuclear power sources. Did you know that we can help you fire your electric company?

The days of hefty energy bills will be long gone, and you'll be supporting the environment for a brighter future. To get started on your journey, we recommend calling us to schedule a FREE, no-strings-attached consultation with Go Solar Energy NC.

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See what our customers have to say:
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The financial freedom we gained after deciding to go solar in North Carolina at our home is unbelievable. The knowledgeable crew hooked us up with all kinds of incentives, rebates, and tax credits that saved us a tremendous amount of cash too. These guys know what's up in the solar industry!
- Gregg N.
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Solar Companies in Raleigh Like Ours Focus On Making Sustainable Energy the Common Option

Some of the best solar companies come out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Why? Because we're a state that believes in renewable energy sources that actually give back to the planet. When it comes to solar energy, the resources never burn out. The sun will always be there and can never be depleted.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for coal, wood, and other energy-giving materials. Our top priority as solar contractors is to find the right program to help get your solar project off the ground running. There are specific plans for residential, commercial, and agricultural solar users. We'll then get blueprints drawn up for panel and system design.

Perhaps your property requires roof-mounted panels or a standalone option. We'll let you know during your FREE consultation. Deciding to go solar is a big deal, and we'll guide you every step of the way.


Services Our Solar Company in Raleigh Offers

Find an Installer

We'll put you in touch with the top solar companies in Raleigh! Our company only works with the most reputable solar installers in the local area. You can count on it! Soon you'll be on the fast track to solar panel design and installation.

Solar Panel Design

Not all solar panels are fit for every home or business property. In fact, they differ greatly between residential, commercial, and industrial complexes. Our job is to design solar panels that successfully fit the needs of your property.

No-Cost Solar Programs

Currently, the local, state, and federal governments have exciting tax rebates and incentive programs for solar users. The Inflation reduction Act specifies that all solar users will receive a 30% rebate on their taxes until 2034. We'll help you apply!

Why Choose Go Solar Raleigh, NC?

Experienced Staff

Our solar energy company in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been going strong since 2018. However, our solar staff's experience runs much deeper than that. Each contractor has extensive knowledge and expertise in the solar sector. 

Affordable Rates

There's a plan for every family, business owner, and farmer in the local area. In some cases, your solar installation might even be 100% FREE of charge. Our job is to hook you up with the right programs so you can comfortably afford going solar.

We Value the Earth

The planet means a lot to our solar company in Raleigh, NC. We'd like to see it preserved for generations to come. That's why solar is so important to us. We hope our passion will ignite you to also cherish the earth through solar.
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North Carolina Solar Energy Contractors Whose Job is To Save You Money!

When you're ready to go solar in NC be sure to reach out and ask questions about our solar installation services and solar programs.  Call us at (919) 897-7888
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