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Got Questions? We Have Answers! Explore NC Solar Power Resources Here.

Solar energy can be confusing initially. We're available to give pro advice.

Go Solar NC is all about giving consumers the knowledge and education to make an informed decision. Is solar power in North Carolina suitable for you? The following resources will help you make that choice. Many aspects go into switching over to solar energy.

For example, did you know that there are varying programs and system designs between residential and commercial solar panels? As a licensed and experienced solar distribution servicer, we have the answers for you! By reading the information on this page, you'll obtain a general knowledge of what solar can give you.

We encourage you to visit our blog page, which is frequently updated with the latest solar news, for a more in-depth look. As always, you can call, email, or contact us via our helpful online form and speak to a knowledgeable representative.

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Explore Our Information-Rich North Carolina Solar Power Resources

Learn About Solar Power Services in North Carolina

Congratulations! You are making the first step in your NC solar power journey. Our company cannot stress enough how valuable understanding the facts about solar energy is. Unfortunately, there is plenty of misleading information out there, and we want to help you navigate through the fiction.

Making an informed decision on whether you'll benefit from solar services or not is key to success when swapping out a fossil fuel energy system for one that utilizes the power of the sun. For more incredible information about your state's solar programs, we recommend visiting

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Do You Know What Your Solar Savings Are? We'll Help You Calculate Them!

If there's one thing we're excellent at is getting our customer's factual solar power information in North Carolina. You may have heard that by switching to solar, you'll save a load of money. It is absolutely true that there are lots of savings and solar incentives in NC that accompany a home or business that uses solar panels.

For one, you'll be able to fire your electric company. Eventually, the local electric company may have to pay YOU! We'll discuss that a bit later. As we calculate your savings during your FREE consultation, your jaw may just hit the floor.

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Incredible Solar Power Incentives for NC Home & Business Owners

Did you know that solar power energy in NC comes with tax incentives for 2022 and rebate programs? There are numerous solar customers who have actually had their entire system paid for by government programs! You can read their stories on our testimony page. Here are the programs available in North Carolina:

  • Duke Energy solar panel rebates
  • Revolving loan options
  • The federal solar tax credit
  • State property tax exemption
  • Building permit rebates
  • Net metering in North Carolina - Dominion Energy (also see Duke Energy)

Our solar experts are dedicated to helping you find the program that's right for your situation. We'll file all documents to the appropriate entities on your behalf.

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Interested in Becoming a Solar Contractor in North Carolina?

Would you like to help create clean solar power energy in NC? We can put you on the path to success! There are tremendous benefits to becoming a local solar installer. For one, it brings jobs to your community. You can choose to work for a local company or begin your own and hire others who share the same admiration for solar as you do.

In addition, our dedicated staff will walk you through the process of obtaining licensure and certification and point you in the direction of top-notch solar training schools. Together, we can power the world with solar energy!

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You Can't Deny that These NC Solar Power Rebates are Rockin'!

At Go Solar NC, we're all about solar rebates and incentives! It's phenomenal that as a consumer, you not only get to create a greener environment and lessen your carbon footprint with solar energy, but you just might get paid to do it!

There are numerous rebate programs for residential and commercial solar customers available through Duke Energy, Dominion Energy, and the Asheville, NC, building permit program. You can learn more about these programs by visiting the Energy Sage website.

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Outstanding SREC Programs Available in North Carolina

Installing solar power panels in North Carolina is a wise investment across many fronts. For one, you have the potential o earn SRECs. What are those? Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) "are a performance-based solar incentive that allows you to earn additional income from solar electricity generation," as explained by Energy Sage.

You have the potential to earn one SREC for every MWh or per 1000 kWh of energy that your solar system generates. To learn more, we recommend visiting this highly information resource.

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The financial freedom we gained after deciding to go solar in North Carolina at our home is unbelievable. The knowledgeable crew hooked us up with all kinds of incentives, rebates, and tax credits that saved us a tremendous amount of cash too. These guys know what's up in the solar industry!
- Gregg N.

Locating Your Community's Solar Power Provider in North Carolina

Go Solar NC provides professional solar panel design and installation for service areas  in and around Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville. If you're looking to make the swap to solar, we invite you to call us today!

North Carolina Solar Energy Contractors Whose Job is To Save You Money!

When you're ready to go solar in NC be sure to reach out and ask questions about our solar installation services and solar programs.  Call us at (919) 897-7888
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